Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


Some Things about Autistics
Before I developed the Xenos concept, I was doing what everyone else did - trying to get normal people to have positive attitude about those with autism.
Explaining Mister Xenos
This is an adequate "first-dive" and introduction to the Xenos concept and how one can look in a positive way upon what most of society finds disabling and in need of elimination. You should feel good about your manner of living and contribute as your abilities allow.
The Greek-Xenos Definition
Where did the Xenos label come from? This old Greek term seems to fit better than most descriptions and attitudes.
The Autism-Xenos Connection
This is the DSM IV definition of Asperger's Syndrome, which has recently been folded into the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The old definition is a good analogue to a clinical description (if there was one) for a Xenos person.
Quit Finding Yourself
Many people, including the Xenos, can find themselves spending far too much time in self-examination and "understanding" themselves. This can become a terrible life-waster.
We Don't Do Conferences
A short foray into the idea that unsocial people like the Xenos will actually want to engage in gatherings that are all about "networking" or finding kindred spirits. It may happen purely for torture purposes!
The Asocial Unetwork
This is an attempt to develop some sort of electronic social interaction that might be pleasant among the lone wolf Xenos. Perhaps a study in futility.
Creator/Consumer Communication
It is more interesting to create authentic content in one's own web-space rather than being a commenter and re-poster in the social media wash. Creators deserve a place on the Internet that behaves in desirable ways and doesn't interfere with the relationship between them and their consumers.
A Possible Xenos-Transgender Connection
In the wild world of identification, it is easy for the Xenos to get pulled into alternative lifestyles that are just as limiting as an autism diagnosis. Such things should be avoided.