Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


Creator / Consumer Communication

It is more interesting to create authentic content in one's own web-space rather than being a commenter and re-poster in the social media wash. Creators deserve a place on the Internet that behaves in desirable ways and doesn't interfere with the relationship between them and their consumers.

The flurry of electronic social media is really not very new. I studied computerized bulletin boards systems in the early 1980s by reading posts and not really responding directly, as Xenos tend to do. This blossomed in the Internet age in ways I appreciated as everyone (including me) was putting up their own websites - this was how a person *should* communicate with others: I create my website, then I read yours, and we publish links to each other's work that we find interesting. It was fun!

Now, it is not anything about being unique or having something interesting to say, it is about being “popular” and making money as an “influencer”. You put yourself on a social media site with pictures and re-published shlock, do it more than anyone else, lightning strikes, and you are *cool* for a few moments.

I can't speak for all the Xenos, but I prefer the older “my website” way of being. You didn't have to be just a collection of comments and photos - you had all the room and control to do things your way. I suggest this to anyone who wants to have a “presence” in the electronic world.