Xenolith in Andesite

Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith
a Qualified Idealistic Xenagogy to the Universal Sublimity

Obscure Things Collected or often Crafted by Jason Nemrow, a Renegade Kohen doing God's Work in the Midst of Gentiles.

Yason ben David haKohen Videos

Watch my kohen self introduce you to the Agenda of God and its implications for your exaltation.

The Audio Recordings

Listen to audiobooks and other recordings from Lisa the Pea Princess and Jason the Voice from the Wilderness.

A Curious Instrument Blog

Keep up with thoughts and ideas from Jason.

Books by Jason Nemrow

I have written some books that are available at Amazon. You might buy them!

The Goal of Transcendence

God and his Messiah offer us a path to exaltation and several concepts related to becoming like them.

Novels from the Navigiary Allegory

I write fiction on occasion. These are books from a series I've been working on.

Inspiring Stories by Jason Nemrow

I write fiction on occasion (again). These are some short stories I have written.


This is the region that I live within, among high defenders of the US Constitution, the Jeffersonian Ideals, and the protection of wide-open and undesirable spaces!

Other Assorted Essays

These form a large pile of essays on topics apart from transcendence.

W5JSN - The Ham Radio Adventure

I am a Radio Amatuer and I have had a few interesting adventures related to the blessed hobby of yore.

Timex Sinclair 1000 (ZX81)

The greatest computer ever conceived! Simple and expandable.

Family Camping

When my kids were young, I took them camping. Probably never get them to do it again.

Contractual Obligations Abstracts

Many years ago, I collected many abstracts related to public health. I said I would keep them available, so here they are.