Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith

About Jason Nemrow

Get a totally different and somewhat unrestrained perspective from a priest of both an old and a new covenant, a naive philosophical recluse, a freelance skinflint and home economist, and an ascetically devoted Latter-day Saint, all living fitfully in one mind and obsessed with finding truth and meaning in a sometimes shallow, hostile and increasingly senseless world. I live a somewhat sheltered life with my determined wife in obscure locations for the sociological safety of others.

I am the Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith (QuIX), a founder of the Xenos concept, and live a somewhat sheltered life with my determined wife and our semi-odd children in an obscure location for the sociological safety of others. I am also the sole steward of both this website and the hardware it runs upon.

I live in a Frontier and Remote (FAR) Level 3 place and have done so for the most part since 1995. I must be okay with this because I have spent a few years here and there in more populous places and prefer to be here, with my wonderful wife. I usually spend workweeks camping near larger places for work.

My birthday is also Towel Day. Lucky me!

In understanding me, it may be helpful to read some things about autistics.

I go camping and hiking with my family and I have taken some pictures of our trips.

Over the years, I have kept a list of people I want to meet.

I am an amateur radio operator and my callsign is W5JSN.

People ask me regularly what I give as a recommendation for computer purchases.

Jason the Kohen

I am a descendant of the Biblical Aaron which makes me a kohen or priest by tradition, and I work to honor this with service in God's temples and other situations that are available to me. Although I am not a Jew in the rabbinical (Pharasetical) sense and I am not a particular aficionado of rabbis and their lawyerly aspect, I access and serve God in my own way, as he guides me, similar to my fore-bearers.

Jason the Latter-Day Saint

This is my one and only organizational affiliation. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I try (with varying degrees of success) to live my life after the example of Jesus Christ.

Jason the Autodidact

Though I did attend public schooling, ultimately earning a bachelor's degree as a Home Economist and a master's degree in Information Technology Management, anyone can tell you that I am a maverick and have been mostly self-taught in the subjects of electronics, computers, and practically everything else I know. "Autodidact" is another way of saying "self-taught". More people are autodidactical than society is willing to admit.

Jason the Writer

I have written a number of works that are available on Amazon.com. I also continue working on my great philosophical anti-novels in the Navigiary allegory.

Also, I have written some inspiring stories that some people enjoy.

You can learn more about my writing adventures.

Jason the Technologist

I got into computers because I couldn't afford a good word processor in the 1980's. Now, I typically put together a private cloud that helps me write and publish my words on-line. My technical adventures has provided for my family for the bulk of my life so far.

Jason the "Teacher"

I wouldn't include this, but I am a certified vo-tech teacher. I got my certificate while working at a prison so I could teach there, but I was only there long enough to get the provisional cert. I was tired of driving 200 miles a day to a job I had in a distant city, so I got a job as a school teacher, which lasted one year and proved a total fiasco, except for the fact that I now have a professional license. It would probably take a lot of torture to get me to teach at a public school again.

Between 2015 and 2020, I supervise a course or two at Eastern New Mexico University. This is about as close to recent "teaching" as I got.

Jason the Ham (W5JSN)

I took the examination for my amateur radio license in 2008, receiving a General license (KE5YGT). I build a few radios, and was never able to contact anyone. I took an additional test and received my Amateur Extra license (AG5AH) in 2015. On a whim in 2018, I looked into vanity callsigns and found one (W5JSN) with my initials (which also happen to be the consonants in and a reasonable pronunciation of my first name), which is apparently quite the prize and I snatched it up. I have been found on the 2 meter repeaters occasionally, but I have very little to talk about.

Jason the Home Economist

I am a degreed Home Economist, though I actually make a living as a technologist. Many people ask me why I spent four years and some thousands of taxpayer's money doing this and I will happily explain that the principles of Home Economics most closely mirror my own personal principles. Besides, young college students on the government dole are in a perfect position to pursue personal principles rather than practical income generation!

I do dishes and laundry when I am around home, so I am more a practitioner these days.

Jason the Computer Hobbyist

I tear apart and rebuild old junk computers for what passes as fun for me. In fact, the server that brings you this web page is one such computer. Sometimes, I actually stop disassembling and reassembling long enough to keep the server running and actually try to do something useful with these computers, but not very often. I had a personal computer collection (every nerdish type does) in the past, but I gave up on it.

Jason the (Very Light) Programmer

I had long ago given up on programming computers, having lost any particular need to do it since teaching school. In 2005, an old employer let me know that she was still using a program that I wrote in 1988 -- a little ditty that helped a child care center figure work time. I know of few programs that have the ability to remain useful and used for nearly twenty years, so I have decided that I really am a computer programmer in the truest sense.

Jason the Rabid Isolationist

For a long time, I wondered why I had such peculiar interests, but now I understand that I am a rabid isolationist. My great desire is to essentially be left alone, which is called "asocial" (as opposed to being anti-social). For those of you that are also rabid isolationists, you may find some information on this web site to help you cope.

Jason the Maniacal Sharer

For a guy who wants to be left alone, I also have a sometimes confusing need to share what I know. It is important to understand that there is no conflict between being asocial and being willing to share things - they is two very different things. Now, there may be questions as to the usefulness of such sharing, but I am not here to quibble. I am the maniacal one here!