Qi Xenodochium Meroptic

The Literary Refuge For A Somewhat Blinded yet Ascendent Stranger


This website is the text development platform of Jason Nemrow. You are welcome to peruse these things, but with an understanding that everything here is copyrighted by Mr. Nemrow and others and all rights are reserved for its use outside of this site and context.

Many texts on this site continue to be developed although they may be publicly available here and perhaps elsewhere. This is a development site far more than it is a publishing site, though it serves both purposes to a degree.

Want to Support Jason?

If you would like to support the work or writings of Jason Nemrow, please visit his Amazon store and purchase one of his e-books. I personally recommend Rachel and Her Knight in Shining Armor.

The Navigiary Allegory

This is the great writing project that I began when I was a teenager. This is perhaps my life's work.

Inspiring Stories

Here are a few fiction stories that I have written.

Internal Essays

These are quasi-finished essays that I have authored.

External Wisdom

There is wisdom all around that I ponder.

Developments in Progress

If you like, here are the writings in progress that I may or may not be working on at the moment.

I also have some Sehnsucht writings and thoughts.

“In Chinese philosophy, [Qi is] the ethereal substance of which everything is composed”1).

Xen`o*do*chi”um - A house for the reception of strangers.2).

meropia - Partial blindness. 3).

“For of him unto whom much is given much is required; and he who sins against the greater light shall receive the greater condemnation.”4)

QiX is properly pronounced cheese. The URL is therefore often said as “cheese me”.

This site is maintained by Jason Nemrow.

This site also makes use of dnsEXIT for dynamic DNS.

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