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from the study and readings of Jason Nemrow

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General topics; Teen-related topics; Zero-Tolerance topics;Service-Learning topics; MCCH-related topics; Organization Management topics

I change the sorting of these things over time, according to whatever makes sense to me at the moment.

[Standard disclaimer: The nature of abstracts are that they are pieces of something larger. Not everyone is going to be happy with my choice of abstracts from any larger work, so if you are dissatisfied, I would refer you to the original document, which should be able to be found on the Internet. I encourage others to make their own abstracts to satisfy their needs.

Jay's Introduction

I read a lot.

Yes, I do read fiction on occasion, but I spend the biggest part of my reading time in non-fiction, doing what most would term as "research." I know, most people think that this is pretty dry stuff and that no normal person would find the pursuit of such things the least bit interesting. Well, I think it is safe to say that I am not quite normal. You should be glad!

I have interests in some pretty esoteric fields, so you will find a hodgepodge here. I have never intended to produce a comprehensive body of knowledge, just what I have found interesting. Since my mind thinks in abstracts, it made sense to present what I am learning the same way, which saves me time. That is why this exists.

The way I do these abstracts has its roots in several things, mostly to do with technology. I learned HTML a while back and find it almost perfect for my work here. It is rather compact and can be hand-coded as needed. I also make use of free webspace, which is limited, so I don't include anything that can't be rendered to text. No images. When I wanted to present the most information in the least amount of space, raw HTML is the perfect medium.

Also, I like the idea of longevity. The nature of the World-wide Web is that older things are wiped away often to make way for the new. This isn't necessary due to the technology, but people who make their content available get stingy with the disk space and, therefore, a lot of good things are lost. I am always upset when a good document or piece of information disappears, so if nothing else, I can preserve an abstract of that information here.

All of my original typing in these abstracts are in the public domain. Of course, most of the abstracted material is copyrighted by its authors as mentioned in each abstract. I think that as long as you credit the abstracted authors, you can copy what I have done as you like.

In the course of abstracting, I make comments that my funding sources might not approve of. These comments are not in the actual abstracts, but you can find them here.

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General Abstracts

Teen-related Abstracts

Zero-Tolerance Abstracts

Service-Learning-related Abstracts

Organizational Management-related Abstracts

Abstracts Useful to Members of the Quay County Maternal Child and Community Health Council

Most of the sources abstracted here were read and abstracted with time from the Quay County Maternal Child and Community Health Council with funding from the New Mexico Department of Health.