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With One Voice 2002

America's Adults and Teens Sound Off About Teen Pregnancy
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

[Standard disclaimer: The nature of abstracts are that they are pieces of something larger. Not everyone is going to be happy with my choice of abstracts from any larger work, so if you are dissatisfied, I would refer you to the original document, which should be able to be found on the Internet. I encourage others to make their own abstracts to satisfy their needs. I would be happy to publish them here.

Jay's Introduction

The abstract here is a summary of a yearly survey of Americans about teen pregnancy. The results of this survey are often the basis of the perceptions of many experts in the field, which makes it a powerful document in shaping how our culture thinks the problem might be addressed.

Are you ready to get your attitudes shaped?

I produced this abstract using time paid for by the Quay County Maternal Child and Community Health Council with funds from the New Mexico Department of Health.



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