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Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention

Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center

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Jay's Introduction

This abstract has a good definition of substance abuse and general methods often used to prevent such abuse. I have made much use of information that is linked to federal resources below the abstract. A wealth of information awaits.

I produced this abstract using time paid for by the Quay County Maternal Child and Community Health Council with funds from the New Mexico Department of Health.


Substance abuse is a pervasive problem among juveniles. It has been suggested that drug use may lead to other forms of delinquency and hence many programs have targeted this area for prevention and intervention strategies. Substance abuse programming for juveniles has been implemented in a variety of ways including school-based education programs, parent education programs, residential treatment programs, multi-modal programs (involving family, youth and community). Programs can target three distinct groups: youths that are pre-adolescent and have not started using yet, youths who are at-risk and who may have begun using, and youths that are abusers. Although programs vary in the techniques used to achieve these goals, the majority of programs emphasize decreased drug use of participants or delayed onset of use, increased knowledge of substances and their effects, and increase youth resiliency. Evidence is varied on the effectiveness of this type of programming and often depends upon the target population and techniques used.


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