Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


A Possible Xenos-Transgender Connection?

In the wild world of identification, it is easy for the Xenos to get pulled into alternative lifestyles that are just as limiting as an autism diagnosis. Such things should be avoided.

There is one thing in common about Xenos people and “trans” people - they both want to at least appear “normal”. In the case of Xenos, many try to convince them to take off an exhausting “normal mask”. For “trans”, their culture pursuades them that the healthy thing to do is to put on a mask that looks like the opposite sex and bully others into saying this is “normal”. The other thing they have in common is a social responsibility not to worship at that altar of “normal” and force others to worship alongside them.

Being decent to others and themselves is something both groups could work toward.

Exploring "Trans"

Succinctly, to be “trans” is to forcefully reject one's biological sex. If a person is removing natural body parts, they don't like their biology - it has nothing to do with “gender” (whatever that term means). If you don't like the social tropes of girls wearing dresses (many today rarely do so) and boys shooting people with guns (many today rarely do so), simply behave in ways that work for you and leave the weird “I'm really the other sex” insistence behind and stop ruining relationships by insisting that others ignore biological reality or else.

It is no wonder others want nothing to do such bizzare and belligerant people, except “ambulance” psychologists and lawyers. It is laugably easy to avoid the stigma of transgenderism - don't join the group in the first place. If you have gotten wrapped up in the sticky web of transgenderism, cut yourself loose by walking away and finding healtier groups (plenty of them around) to identify with.

Xenos: Obssession above Groups

It is important to remember that being Xenos is not really an effort to find some peer group. One of the earmarks of a Xenos (or high-functioning autistic) is that they have the social issue of not having a peer group and struggling to find social connections with others because of this. Each Xenos person has their own obssessions and each are much more likely to form associations based on their obssessions rather than trying to bond over Xenos-ness itself.

The Xenos piano prodigy will find more social acceptance around unthreatened pianists. The same person would struggle to enjoy time with “socially-backward” people (Xenos) who don't share her piano obssession.

Trans: Group and Power above much else

“Trans” people have half a thing in common: they decided to change their sex (albeit in very stereotypical ways). It is only half a thing because men are wanting to appear as women and women are wanting to appear as men - you only can have one of these in common, not both. How does this consitute a group?

These dissimilar people often have one big thing in common: a desire for the power and gain that comes with victimhood. It used to be that person had to be the born child of slaves (not their fault) to merit this “victim” status, but now one only needs to “feel” something to make your move toward seizing a “diverse” organization or claim your “reparations”.

Real victims can't defend themselves and “victim groups” and communities often take advantage of victims to profit anyone but the true victims. A better way to help victims (rather than advocating for them) might be to convince them to stop thinking of themselves as victims. That is what the Xenos label does.

Many people who want to be oppressed as a badge of honor yearn to find an easily infiltrated social group (autistics come to mind) that will provide the “oppressed person” status that they desire. This is where we can find a flood of adult psuedo-“autistics” ala The Big Bang Theory television show. These are the people who adopt behavioral tics and “autistic” mannerisms (not too difficult to do), similar to how women swagger, shave their heads, shoot up testosterone, and get violent if others don't gush that they are “men” (not too difficult to do). It becomes an easy way to gain the perks of victims, though none of these things are authentic: one only plays a role that is (not even) “skin-deep”. Biological men, women, and autistics have every right to be offended at such black-face appropriation.

Being Authentically Xenos rather than Sucked into Deviance

Given the nature of Xenos behaving like aliens (very difficult to stop doing) and “trans” folks feeling that they don't fit outdated “gender” stereotypes (very easy and profitable to start doing), it is hard to find much commonality. However, many Xenos are suckered into the idea that changing one's sex (even so superficially) will “fix” their alien-ness, rather than more probably aggravating it through misdirection.

It appears that to many “trans” supporters and their therapists, changing sex is the cure to whatever ails you. It is no more successful than any other “snake oil” cure that feeds off the placebo effect.

The “trans” community uses herd pyschology to make its “marks” feel like they are a part of something - a group of mutilated and tricked suckers. Most other groups could give you the same “belonging” feelings in a better way that doesn't force you into unnecessary (clinician-profitable) surgery and lifelong hormone injections.

Calling yourself Xenos (when it is honest) is infinitely more healthy to body and psyche then mucking about with sexual or “gender” deviance. Xenos ennobles and broadens and exalts a person who formally saw themselves as autistically broken; “trans” activism ruins (bodies) and wrecks (families) and makes infantile for the profit of others.

In the autistic community, there have always been newcomers who want a “cure” to autism for their children. It is understandable that we or our parents want us to just “stop being this way”. When such attitudes are coddled (by profiteering organizations?), it is an easy step to embrace a “miracle” cure like sex-change.

This video actually describes a turn down a destructive rat-hole into self-mutilation, familial destruction, and suicide idealization when Xenos (autistics) decide that they are “the wrong gender” - Don't take that road! - https://youtu.be/Su2Z4_iQHz4

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