Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


Quit Finding Yourself

Narcissism Gone Wild

Many people, including the Xenos, can find themselves spending far too much time in self-examination and "understanding" themselves. This can become a terrible life-waster.

It has become fashionable to spend time “finding yourself” as a young person yet again. The 1960s are reborn with all the inherent silliness of extended teenage-hood and drug experimentation sans parental guidance.

New-age parents congratulate themselves for chemically blocking the puberty of their worshiped children.

Children flood the academy these days as doctorates are handed to barely hatched acolytes for “gender studies”. Navel-staring is passed off as scholarship. It reminds one that the academy grew from the cathedral school and that today's religion is Narcissism with a “God loves me almost as much as I love me” or “I am God” sticker on the side. The University is the preferred place to carefully sculpt the monument to yourself to wild applause.

Molding the LGBTQ+ Self

One of the few things that upsets a hedonistic life of monetizing videos of yourself being silly is those pesky parents and grandparents. Your hated progenitors have a different religion dominated by a God that expects better things out of you. They worked a lot and paid for the education that taught their kids to despise them. This would seem a bit ungrateful, but modern society has offered the panacea of LBGT-ism, which is a barely disguised idea of “you don't get me”.

One takes a person with the appearance of a clown, the inflection of a eunuch, and the attitude of a surly sailor, all combined to transform a child into a LGBT harpy that most people would prefer to face through prison glass or not at all. Existence seems to demand “Hey, look at me”. When being “gay” doesn't stir up any attention, these low hominids just decide to “change sex” and scream at you for “mis-gendering” them. As the government and Hollywood cheer this reversion, everyone must take joyous notice and genuflect or livelihoods will be ruined as punishment.

“Famous” has become so odious that rational folk cower in their houses and home-school the kids as an antidote.

Bad Modeling by Parents and Mentors

This was my parenting style when my children were young: Bad Modeling. I should take some solace in the fact that most people use the same style, but I am supposed to be smarter than that. Just goes to show you that even a high IQ doesn't rescue you from idiocy.

I spent way too much time trying to “find myself” and I didn't do it off in some quiet corner as one should (if at all). I broadcasted my search and the attendant navel-staring which my highly observant children began to emulate. I was such a bad example!

I think I may have had some positive traits (opinions vary) that should have been picked up by my kids, but it seems the more distasteful attributes were far more visible around the house. It seems to be just natural that bad habits and attitudes are the ones that will be on full display and be the ready public markers of the family: “Yeah, she's one of them Nemrows.” This makes it unsurprising that some of my children want to change their names completely, but it can't hide the fact that they look like me in many ways - genetics be damned! Fight as we may, we can't escape our parentage and the worst of it if we don't fight hardily against nature.


I have talked about ratholes before, so I won't go crazy here to describe them and give some examples:


I am prepared to take the flack for publically revealing to the world that the current obsession with the LGBTQ+ “lifestyle” and “culture” is one big, festering rathole. Nothing good comes from such obsessions (and I am pretty experienced with obsessions and ratholes) and the time wasted in going down such ratholes can never be recovered.

I always wondered why these really disparate “groups” consider themselves a community. I thought it might be because they all suffered a common oppression, but I was wrong. They all just enjoy screaming at others who correctly say that milling about this particular rathole is not a worthwhile pursuit. What an interesting unifier and sad little definer. it is like forging community based on angst from excessive ear hair.