Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


Xenos Don't Do Conferences

A short foray into the idea that unsocial people like the Xenos will actually want to engage in gatherings that are all about "networking" or finding kindred spirits. It may happen purely for torture purposes!

It is always hilarious when it is conference season and the gatherings begin under the auspice of “autism”.

These are get-togethers for the parents of autistic kids and experts that make their living from the autism lecture circuit. They might include a few token autistic adults and Temple Grandin just to point out how interventions and constant paid attendance at future meetings will offer something approaching a “cure” or at least groups with which to commiserate.

Obviously, Xenos and their disabled autistic siblings don't tend to function well in such settings - The diagnosis is actually defined that way.

From the fact that conferences tend not to be compatible with Xenos, we humbly submit something a bit less “appropriate” yet more useful: the Asocial Unetwork.

In the end, this web portal may be the right place for those who are asocial and really only want Creator-Consumer Communication to go one way. The proper response among the Xenos is to create your own pages with some response linked back.