Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


New Stuff in the Works

Mistaking Advocacy for Agreement
Don't mistake help from others as their acceptance of your ideas. Maybe they just like you!
So, What?
Life has an unpleasant way of teaching better behavior.
The Robustness Principle
Jason and Jon Postel teach you about effective messaging and how to get things done.

Ascetic Mormonism

The Prodigal Brother's Party
We might be kinder to the disgruntled brother of the prodigal son.
A lecture on what God offers us and what we must do to gain it.
Marriage Is Not Disingenuous Enough For Gays
There should be many different terms to describe what we call "marriage" today. Especially, what gays want should never be called "marriage".
A Letter on God's punishments to those who reject his Gospel.
03IXI8E0OC - The Mariners Log
God's Plan of Happiness in Ten Simple Symbols

Reveling in Pandemic

Shutting Down...
While "leadership" is shutting down the world, you can prepare to shut down their global control agenda.
Forced Into the Mask
Are you happy to be in the mask? I'm not.

The Body Politic

United Disunity
The USA is not a nation, but a country filled with people that have little in common.
Your Opinion Doesn't Matter
In the war of ideologies, winning may involve not caring about deflecting labels.
Peddling Racinos And Selling Souls
Tucumcari as the next Sodom.
Hunting The Antichrist
People create their own "antichrists" and it isn't by force. Is Barak Obama one?
Don't Be A Victim
Some thoughts on the importance of not staying a victim.
You Are Not To Blame For America
Your actions in a voting booth do not justify the evil in government.
Obama The Lobbyist
An essay that puts 2009-2010 events in the perspective of a community activist like President Obama.

Coping with the Madness

The Religion Of Devotion
I think everyone needs to be (and actually is) devoted to something! I hope their personal devotion is better than money or sex...
This Is Not My World
A Speech on the perils of rejecting "Xenos-ness" and embracing a telestial existence.
Winners Rule
How come some technologies win and other lose? Are the winners really better?
Questioning Cumpulsory Schooling
Excerpts from a discussion board where I talked about problems with compulsory schooling.
Getting More Family Time
An essay on strategies to reduce distractions to family time.
My Author's Page
A collection of books I wrote that you can buy for your Kindle and other assorted things.

Community Programming

What Seems To Work In Community Programs
An essay for the Quay County MCCH Council that explores potential community program ideas.
Tucumcari Program Development
Another essay for the Quay County MCCH Council that gives ideas for making programs work in Tucumcari, New Mexico, USA.


Recommendation For Computer Purchases
I finally got tired of fielding those "What computer should I buy?" questions...
Quixotic Xenagogue
A repository of "golden age" computing detritus and audio files I find interesting.
Innovation And Evolution
Thoughts on what constitutes new stuff and what we should care about.