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What Works in Community Programs


Right out of the gates, I must say that I am not going to recommend specific programs at this time. Although I have definate leanings toward our own "Strengthening Families Program" and its derivatives, I can only say that, at this juncture, I think it is more useful to look at what types of work we should be engaging in and how that work would look, not simply to adopt whatever programs seems passable.

The wonderful survey ASAP did a few years back is very telling about what Quay County residents seem to think is our most pressing needs. Substance abuse and deliquent youth issues were far above all others. If we are to remain responsive to our communities, we would do well to adopt these as our key indicators that we would like to effect.

So, what things have been proven to move these two issues, and what methods might work in our communities?

My readings cannot be all-inclusive for numerous reasons. My conclusions are going be tainted by many variables and my own attitudes. My hope is that this commentary will stir up interest in more people to study the literature so that our collective perception, which is much more likely to be factual than my own, will emerge and guide our actions.

Attributes of Success