Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


Hunting the Antichrist

It is embarrassing to think that I may be having one of those "Duh" moments, which is where most other people know something and I am just now figuring it out.

I have read (at least one or twice) the Bible and recall its mention of someone called the Antichrist. The picture that formed in my head of this character was one of essentially a larger-than-life figure who thought themselves big enough to deserve worship on the same level as Christ, demanded it somehow, and ended up getting it from a lot of people. The most important part of this whole procedure, at least for me, was a belief that these worshipful folks would basically be tricked into thinking that this Antichrist is actually the authentic savior.

It came to me this morning. The term could be analogous to the term "anti-pope", who was not so much an enemy of the "real" pope, but simply an alternative. (Incidentally, I am not Catholic, nor do I feel an allegiance toward popes.) Also, the one who was acclaimed an anti-pope was powerful at all because a group of people, perhaps patriotic, Italian-hating Frenchmen, decided that they would acclaim some cardinal as the one vicar of Christ. I am not discounting the fact that this French cardinal was likely quite happy to be proclaimed pope, but he needed the odd mob of religious zealots praising him as such. It wouldn't be a person proclaiming themselves as something that is most important, it would be the attitudes and acclaim of large groups of people toward the proclamation. A grand-standing pope wanna-be would be a simple kook but for a rather large and adoring crowd.

Perhaps this is what the holy writ meant in referencing an "Antichrist". My wife thinks Barak Obama is an Antichrist, but I honestly never gave it much thought because I figured he would be more impressive and provide a convincing argument of his "messiah-ship" to people like me. I am intensely unimpressed. Also, Barak Obama isn't out in public and personally proclaiming himself the anointed one, so I wasn't ready to feel that my faith was threatened.

But, if my new epiphany holds true, it doesn't matter what I think or what Barry is willing to state publicly on his divinity. The first salient fact toward the Antichrist title is that large groups of people are willing to follow someone as if they were divine. President Obama has a very impressive crowd of disciples that seem to span the globe. He often gets a rock-star reception, especially when he is not in the country he actually presides over. So, for my new basic definition of an "Antichrist", he could qualify.

Upon further reflection, I realized that Obama, in a barely self-effacing way, has not really told his devotees that they should not refer to him as the almighty savior. The big O doesn't refer to himself that way, but he doesn't try to stop such references from others. I suppose that this makes Barak something of a humble and all-the-more endearing leader. This does a nice job of netting him a few more followers that love his deceptively unassuming attitude. However, you may notice that he will never turn aside any devotion and he routinely asks for "help" to accomplish his goals with the aplomb of a tele-evangelist.

So, like the cardinals of old that ruled the French version of the Vatican, our dear President may be an Antichrist, whether he likes it or not. From my perspective, he doesn't seem to mind the opportunity.