Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


Don't Be A Victim!

Justice rarely makes victims feel better, though you may feel vindicated to some degree. Leave the system to what it does and move on out of your victim role. Don't let evil proceed on unchecked, but more importantly, don't let evil stay in your heart.

Don't be a victim. That doesn't mean that we sell ourselves to the task of creating a world where there are no crimes, where everyone lives in fear of a misstep or breaking one of a billion rules with stiff penalties. Such a place is the worst place to be and we must convince one person at a time that they don't want to go in that direction.

Bad things happen. Sometimes, terrible things happen. Some terrible things are beyond anyone's power to make restitution. It sounds trite, but our own attitude about others around us determines whether we will stay victims. I think the answer has something to do with forgiveness, not that you let criminals go on with their lives without consequences, but you don't let the crime and the obsession with its punishment define your existence - you move on.

Healing most likely comes from putting aside hatred, rising from pain and hurt, and striving toward a happiness that doesn't involve personal retribution or revenge. Let the system do what it will do, good or bad, in relation to crimes committed. Instead of seeking vengeance on those who have wronged us, we can instead love our kids, do our best to care for them, and most of all, teach them not to hate and not to fear. Teach them not to be victims.