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Locations Within Wilfornia

Please contribute to our list of Wilfornia locations and expand our guide of interesting places in this area!

New Mexico allows incorporated places to decide what "type" of title it will have: city, town, or village. These are not based on size as many people assume. I follow the corporate naming conventions as defined and we call an unincorporated yet defined and populated place a "community", usually if they still have a post office or a fire station - the classic American definition of "place". For the many, many "ghost towns" within Wilfornia, we usually call each a "townsite".

We are certainly interested in the history and memories of these places and would be happy to work with current landowners and the descendants of residents and settlers to record their stories and photographs.

Wanderings on Many Roads

On my commute between Tucumcari and Portales, I explore many of the smaller county roads and state highways. I report on the interesting things I find off of the bigger highways that merit further study. The CanadianRiver was likely the first "road" through what would become Wilfornia. It is the main feature of the region and its damming at two points created Conchas Lake and Ute Reservoir along with many jobs over the years.

Locations within Inner Wilfornia

Location Within Outer Wilfornia