Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


The Frontier Region of Wilfornia

Wilford Brimley photo A beautiful land whose beauty is enhanced by the general lack of people, especially the sorts of people who like to congregate in great numbers and tell others what they can and cannot do. Wilford Brimley knows how it works and he is the namesake of our beloved land that will one day enjoy the residency of a free people.

You are invited to explore the many intriguing Locations Within Wilfornia.

Wilfornia is also the name of a horse that won the Western Australia Easter Cup in 1927. We like horses in this region and horses seem to like us. Wilford Brimley is thought to like horses as well, like many other Wilfornians.

Inner Wilfornia

Wifornia Map Basically, if you live (or ever lived) within the boundaries of the smaller circle on the map, which I have pompously named " Inner Wilfornia", you are officially a Wilfornian and this net dump is definitely for your viewing and encouraged contribution!

I have lived in Inner Wilfornia since 1995 and raised a family here. A lot of my work has been done and my kids have been schooled at various places within the inner circle, so there are lots of meaningful connections here. Basically, Inner Wilfornia is a 50 mile radius around Tucumcari, New Mexico, which encompasses Quay County and some lands surrounding. It also coincides with the broadcast area of KTNM-AM 1400, so if you can hear that radio station (I hope you like country music), you are in Inner Wilfornia. Events in the inner circle can usually be enjoyed as a day trip from Tucumcari.

Outer Wilfornia

I once had a regional job as a technician-of-sorts for New Mexico State University's Cooperative Extension Service. I did work for a large section of New Mexico, mostly within the confines of Outer Wilfornia, or a radius of about 135 miles from Tucumcari, where my family lives.

Events in the outer circle might better be enjoyed from Tucumcari as an overnight excursion.

Further Afield

Since Tucumcari is the center of the universe (mine, at least), the further you reside from The Blessed Navel Of Creation, the more irrelevant you and yours tend to be.

Wilfornians may take some notice of the lawmakers in Santa Fe, outer Wilfornia, but happenings in fantasy locales such as Washington or Timbuktu are "Further Afield" and of extremely limited concern. Sometimes, all things beyond Wilfornia are rolled into a shorter term of in-consequence: *Texas*. Again, Wilfornia has Nothing to Do with Texas.