Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith


The City of Tucumcari


Tucumcari Is the Center of the Universe

Of course, since the universe is postulated to be infinite and constantly expanding relative to our reference point, that logically makes Tucumcari the actual center of the universe. Of course, because of gravity, it doesn't really matter how far I personally roam on any plane of existence, I always seem to fall back to Tucumcari, making me a "serial" Wilfornian. This is yet more evidence that Tucumcari, actually an abandoned ant-hill in the front yard of my house in Tucumcari, is undeniably where all of creation began and ultimately desires to return.

The Secret Switching Relay of Unseen Communications

Secure AT&T building You may need a bit of nefariousness to see some of the "hidden in plain sight" things going on. One of the larger active buildings just south of Tucumcari is the secure "AT&T" building just off of state road 209 headed to Quay. It replaced the much smaller brick building that sat a bit closer to town and to which a few telecomm high priests still gather occasionally to perform their secret switch-signalling rituals. The new building could hold a small circus and we just have to trust that the trunk fiber connected within it and silently controlling our lives from this nondescript bunker will choose to continue to ignore us inconsequential apes. Tucumcari is apparently the center of higher universes whose existence (let alone purpose) we are unworthy to even contemplate.

The Crossroads of Black Market Transport

ScrubsToMountain There are yet other activities going on around TheCityOfTucumcari that are just as quiet and just as foreign to the eyes and daily concerns of the local folk. Many of the roads and "abandoned" homes and buildings in town are quite busy about the manufacture and trade of materials that frankly have nothing to do with locals except for employing a few "toughs" to perform "nothing to see here" security. I only mention this as a warning that Tucumcari is a "mind your own business" sort of place and bizarre logic anomalies, such as seeing a hundred-thousand-dollar vehicle parked next to a "rotting shack" home, which have absolutely nothing to do with you and especially your children (if you know what's good for you). If you think it is your "civic duty" to bring questionable or illegal things to justice, a la "If you see something, say something", you should be prepared to have your mostly decomposed corpse discovered out by some remote windmill. It is far better to smile and breathe and find contentment in the bliss that more "powerful" and "influential" people find you and yours beneath their interest.