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Wilfornia has Nothing to do with Texas

Actually, Wilfornia has nothing to do with New Mexico either. You could look at it as some sort of successor state. I just don't deal with Texas, as the work has always been on the west side of the border. I am sure the folks are nice enough over yonder, but they can come up with their own abstractions.

Historical Animosities and Associations

Very early on, Texas had a bad habit of bragging that Wilfornia and other parts of Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico were within its confines. This created much joviality amongst the Indians, comancheros, and long-established Spaniards that lived along Texas' claimed western border of the Rio Grande and all points somewhat east.

Texas sent an "army" along to take Santa Fe to establish their bloated claim which ended up with the whole lot killed or captured by the Spanish and needing a ransom from their prison in Mexico City. Properly humbled, the Texicans decided to establish borders that they had any chance of enforcing much further east and Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico and its nominally claimed Wilfornia frontier continued in its rather sleepy Spanish peace.

Since the formation of New Mexico and its assumption of Wilfornia, many weak-willed Wilfornians wandered their way to the more civilized (soft) and populated places over in Texas, such as Amarillo or Lubbock or Dallas. Most of us have relatives in Texas, either because the Anglo "we" came through there on the way here and our less-adventurous relatives only went part-way, or such folk couldn't take the rigors of frontier life and "chicken'd out", as the term goes. Either way, Texans are just lacking in the psychosis that is required of Wilfornians and we have a well-justified right to think less of them for it.