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Florence Wilson Memorial Bonus Point Opportunity

This is a chance for students in courses that I run to earn up to 10 points to be applied to their final grade, potentially raising the final grade by one letter in some cases. This opportunity is dedicated to one of my college instructors who was consistent enough to give me an earned failing score and honest enough to point me in a better direction in my life.

In honor of one of my most influential instructors, I offer you this bonus point opportunity. It is optional and not detrimental to your final grade. Based on the points attempted, you can potentially add up to ten (10) points directly to your final grade. For instance, if your earned final grade is 82.7% (or a B grade) and you submitted a paper for this opportunity and met the criteria for 9 points, I would adjust your final score to 91.7% (or an A grade) - 82.7 + 9 = 91.7 .

The subject of this paper, if attempted, should address:

Below are the requirements of this paper:


This is an individual-level opportunity. Save your file as a Microsoft Word file, and name the file using your last name followed by the acronym FWMBPO (e.g. JohnsonFWMBPO.docx if your last name is Johnson). You must deliver the paper to me electronically through a Blackboard message by midnight on November 29, 2020 to receive your attempted bonus points.