Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith



An interesting folk, caught somewhere in the midst of adventure, opportunity, chicanery, naivete, and insanity. Many woke up later and ran away to less challenging locations, but a few remain in spite of incessant heckling and eye-rolling. One thing all Wilfornians have in common are a connection to the frontier territory of Wilfornia.

In fact, a proper Wilfornian is best defined by how little time they spent in the Wilfornia region. Most of these people got some sense and initiative and have since left to find their fortunes elsewhere as there is not really much in the way of fortune to be found hereabouts. Wilford Brimley is likely the most famous Wilfornian of all, spending very little time nearby and all of that time in Outer Wilfornia, filming scenes for a movie in Roy.