Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith

The Goal of Transcendence

The God of Anger is Coming to Cleanse His World

Christ fashions the whip in this hour with which he will cleanse the world and make it his temple.

To those of the old Covenant, how much longer will the Lord's hand be outstretched and seek them out? When will they humble themselves and return to the One who keeps his covenant still?

To the Aimless, put aside the craving for an oblivion that you promise each other but is not - God comes and God brings justice for those that reject him and mercy to those who seek him.

To the Harpy who sounds the plastic carnival horn of offense, you and your words will be brushed aside and trodden underfoot as things of no worth.

To those within the Priesthood oath, Brethren, your name is known to the Lord and that knowing will either be the joy of recognition or the piercing sword through the soul of an oath-breaker. Keep your oath and be blessed with all that God has.

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