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The Goal of Transcendence

Selling Your Soul For Easy Money

I recently published an intriguing little booklet called Feeding The Soul Of Steve Jobs, which is about finding the sort of life and success that Steve Jobs enjoyed. It dove-tailed so well with my popular blog-post about The Psychic Proximity Principle that I used it as the framework for the booklet, giving all of you a wonderful case study in putting the power of weak magnetism to work!

As I was writing, I went off on a tangent about the evils of acquiring money for its own sake. I was going to use it as a bonus chapter in the booklet, but I decided against it. I still find it useful, so I decided to put it here for your "fun and profit"! Enjoy!

For those of you who have no interest in realizing your potential beyond a low money-grab, I will happily share two legal and honorable methods for becoming "well-off". I and several friends have used these two methods to become financially "set". Either will provide anyone with enough money to get the playthings shallow people seems to desire and "the good life" as far as our modern "easy path" society defines it. Regardless, I am here to help you accomplish this small goal.

Before I begin, the best advice I have for the money-motivated (and everyone else as well) is to never get into financial debt or get out of it as soon as possible. Dave Ramsey or any number of personalities can be found on the Internet to help you eliminate debt. It is a good thing to do no matter your personal attitude toward money as it frees you from bondage and provides you the resources to act independently. You can't really accomplish much if you are a slave to creditors!

Following either of the routes below, you should be financially set in a surprisingly short time. Hopefully, after you have the money you want, you might find a way to discover your soul and make use of The Psychic Proximity Principle, though it may be a huge course change. Until that transcendent day, here are two simple and proven routes to financial security:

The "Hot Job" Route

This route also works with the traditional professions, such as medical doctor, lawyer, MBA, etc.

The "Military" Route

This route requires no real planning or formal education but lots of diligent effort. It works best if you are enlisted person as most contractors don't need former officers.

There will always be money in the professions, hot engineering roles, and (sadly) the military. The point is to get in the front door, rise to the needed requirements, and work hard. Money will readily flow as a result. As always, I suggest you pursue The Psychic Proximity Principle first to protect yourself from the "empty soul" disease of the money-grab.

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