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Camping / Hiking

Father and Sons Campout with the Boys

30 April 2010

Our church does a somewhat annual campout for fathers and sons on a regional level. This one was at the Don Harrington Scout Camp just outside of Amarillo, Texas. We came and slept and woke up and did some stuff, which was fun!

Dad and Josh Dad and Josh early in the morning

Dark Matt Matt in the Dark of the Dining Hall

Guys at the Helm All the boys at the helm of the ship

Guys in Fort The Brooding Matt and Happy Brothers at the boards in the fort

The Human Pile A Stack of Nemrow Boys

Josh and Matt with Water Josh and Matt at the Holy Spigot

Josh and Sam with Water Josh and Sam at the Holy Spigot

A Little Guy Inside A little guy surrounded by pandamonium in the dining hall

Matt in Van Matt is ready to go home again