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Colorado Camping with Yurts and Lisa

23 July 2009

I had been looking at Yurts as future cheap housing in case our grown children came back home at times. I even thought it would facilitate Lisa and I getting a cheap piece of property and setting up shop ourselves. She wanted to make sure it met her standards of what coudl be tolerated, so I found a state park in Colorado that had yurt instead of cabins that could be fit into a trip to pick up some kids from a visit to Grandpa/Gramma K.

It was just like living in a cabin. Nice enough but I don't think it ultimately met with the Lisa "I could live like this for a while" criteria. The "pea princess" test was not met.

Chama Pass A beautiful view from the lookout point at Chama Pass on the way to the yurt

Lisa at the Chama Pass Lookout Lisa in her newish car at the Chama Pass Lookout

Lisa and Yurt Lisa poses at the door of our Yurt