Programs need to be both wanted and needed to be successful. It must fill some intrinsic need.

I am a priest of the God of human development. Our goal is your betterment. The best teacher of such a thing to others is a person who has pursued this thing themselves.

The best incubator and "nest" for the development of human potential is the family. You were raised by one (girl), you create your own (mother), and you pass along what you learned (crone).

When we improve families, we are working for the better development of people along the full life-cycle. Communities, agencies, businesses, and governments are best acting in supporting verdant (of the bright green color of lush grass [Google verdant definition]) families.

Most Powerful Concepts

Preparing for the Realities of Socialism

Education (Gaining Skills and Knowledge)

The Pursuit of Progress

What do you need to be doing?

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