Making a More Public Contribution

In college, we produce a lot of work, some of which might be useful to others. You might take the added steps to put your research and insights out for public display and become a contributor to the more public conversation. With time, such efforts might eventually allow you to join the ranks of "leaders in your field".

To my Students...

Some of you do an excellent job in your course assignments. On occasion in my feedback, I will encourage you to share your research and insights with other course participants for their edification. I don't really offer suggestions on how to do this, so I am taking an opportunity to do so now, through one of my own venues for public contribution.

In business, we talk a lot about adding value. Good workers and managers do this all of the time. We normally restrict ourselves to contributing to our organization. Many of these "value adds" are insights that can and should be shared with others outside the company. Screwing up one's courage and releasing such research and insights to public view is, in my mind, a step toward leadership in your field and the new vistas of opportunity that such a position represents.

If you approach college course work in preparation for public consumption, you will already be developing the habits of mind and work that will develop you toward leadership.

When you write up an assignment, you want to do your best. You want your research to be thorough and compelling. You want your insights to be well-stated and wise. These are displays that I hope you practice in your coursework, not just to get a grade, but make such efforts toward good production become ingrained in all of your pusuits beyond college. These attributes are also useful when you consider putting your work out on public display. You worked hard to get a good grade, why not just put forth a bit more polish and make it "production-ready"? Once one of your products is in such a ready state, it would be a shame not to take further advantage of it and share it with the world!

You likely read a few blogs. Among those, you might read a few that resonate with you or even inspire. Have you ever thought that you could do a blog and perhaps become "famous" or "rich" from this? A lot of people dream such things, but there are examples of those who acted on their dreams and are pushing them into reality. Your course assignments could easily be the content of such a blog of your own making - your discussion posts quite nearly already function in that way! Leaders from history and their ideas became known through things akin to blogs, video channels, and other public publishing or sharing venues. They didn't let their hard work and insights sit on some instructor's desk - they "punched it up" and made it public! Through the new sharing opportunities that the Internet presents, you can turn your idle schoolwork into something that contributes to the world and shows what you can do.

I invite you to find a public venue that seems appropriate (you might even use your research skills to discover which might work best for your output and style) and publish some of your better coursework to the world. The rest of us sorely need good information and you will also gain opportunities to profit thereby!

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