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 *  This is many of the written things I have done in the past, along
 *  with a few things from others. It was brought over from a wiki
 *  that I used to run.
 *  03ixi8e0ocgopher-menu
 *  admiregopher-menu
 *  autisticsgopher-menu
 *  computergopher-menu
 *  essaysgopher-menu
 *  humandevgopher-menu
 *  jasonplain
 *  jay.htmlplain
 *  ke5ygtgopher-menu
 *  lettersgopher-menu
 *  navigiarygopher-menu
 *  oldwwwgopher-menu
 *  I ran a website many years ago, (2004-2008) and its contents are here now. Some of it made it into more modern sites, but some did not.
 *  outdoorgopher-menu
 *  playgroundgopher-menu
 *  startplain
 *  storiesgopher-menu
 *  wisdomgopher-menu

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