New Mexico's Quay County

For many, it is only fuel or food or a night's bed in an quickly-forgotten place that must be passed through between the beginning and ending of a journey.  For a precious few, the Quay County area is their current destination. This site serves the people who call this place home.

Our Regions

What I define for regions in the county roughly mirror school districts. We tend to be connected to the institutions who school our children, so it makes sense that many of us have this as a common meetingplace, both physically and virtually.  I name them by the mascot of each school district.

  • Coyote Area - This is the approximate area covered by the San Jon School district, basically the southeast part of the county, including  Bard, Endee, Porter, and Glenrio
  • Longhorn Area - This is the approximate area covered by the Logan School district, basically the northern part of the county, including Nara Visa.
  • Rattler Area - This is the approximate area covered by the Tucumcari School district, basically the central and western parts of the county, including Montoya, Lesbia, and the Quay Valley.
  • Cowboy Area - This is all the county that is atop the Caprock, including the House School district, Forrest, and Wheatland.

Sensibilities and affinities don't necessarily follow county lines, so we don't want to ignore places like Grady that are adjacent to and included within each region. Each can feel somewhat neglected by their respectively distant and insular county population centers.  Also, we keep a Harding Area that is a completely seperate county but with which we share so much.